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 Neriko and carlos's wedding reception....inturrupted by a baby

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PostSubject: Neriko and carlos's wedding reception....inturrupted by a baby   2009-06-19, 2:03 pm

we rush to the hospital and while william rushed a head to get a wheel chair i gathered neriko up in my arms her wedding dress had been changed for more comfterbal clothes after the wedding our bags on hand for the honeymoon and the hospital bag there right along side now sat in the back of the car.
"Kai get the bags" I called softly and kai quickly gathered the three bags and danced after us.
I whispered softly to neriko as we walked into the emegancy room William coming along with a chair. i gently sat her in the chair and we were all taken through to another room
"You can sit here" a nurse told William and kai and and i was led through after the chari into a consult room
"Shes nearly fully dialated so it shouldnt be too long we wil take her through to the birthing ward." The nurse said after checing her out
"What about the others?" I said indicating kia and william and she said
"They can come too" so we all went to the birthing suite and waited for nearly an hour before young Zack ecided to make his way into the world.
"Hes so beautiful, you did great" i said and kised her head watching our son nuzzle at her swollen breast.
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PostSubject: Re: Neriko and carlos's wedding reception....inturrupted by a baby   2009-06-19, 2:10 pm

the first part of the labour was painful until they gave me an epidural to dull the pain. after an hour of contractions zack slid into the skilled hands of the OB, carlos cut the cord and the baby was checked over and cleaned and handed back in a few moments, after checking him over myself i let him feed.
"Thankyou so much" i said looking at my new husband through more unshed tears.
"Zach Michael Santino" i smiled at him and when they asked for the parents names i gave them carlos as the father and i watched a tear slid from his eye. Only a hand ful of people knew i had been raped and zack would grow up KNOWING carlos was his father and maybe one day.........NO i shook my head i would NEVER EVER tell Zack i had been raped and he was the result. i watched the child guzzle the milk and then he slept.
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PostSubject: Re: Neriko and carlos's wedding reception....inturrupted by a baby   2009-06-19, 2:14 pm

A tear slid down my cheek when i was named the babys father and i stood a little prouder i kissed his head as he slept then kissed neriko and she was moved into a room and a baby crib brought into her room. A nurse came and checked he was feeding ok and showed her the basics and left telling her that she coudl call them anytime for help.
both william and kai came in and met their nephew and left him to sleep i kissed her cheek and ducked out i called jackie and she came to pick william and kai up i stayed at her bedside the entire night helpig her with little zac through the long hours spending our wedding night leaning out of a chair watching our son sleep......perfect!
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PostSubject: Re: Neriko and carlos's wedding reception....inturrupted by a baby   

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Neriko and carlos's wedding reception....inturrupted by a baby
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