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 A gypsy mare (for Kiger...)

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PostSubject: A gypsy mare (for Kiger...)   2009-06-28, 8:23 pm

Coco Channel

Coco Channel is an extremely unusual bay registered Gypsy Vanner mare with lots of dapples, black mane and forelock and four white socks with heavy feather. This horse is a near perfect 10 for conformation and is sure to produce phenomenal wonderful offspring. Coco loves to be ridden. If we ride another horse, and she can see us, she throws a fit. When she sees a saddle, it had better have her name on it, it better say Coco. Someone will be very lucky to own this hard working, conscientious Gypsy Vanner mare.

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A gypsy mare (for Kiger...)
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