Horse country.........Country life that revolves around....HORSES.
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 (more peole are in horse bios wil fix later)

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PostSubject: (more peole are in horse bios wil fix later)   2009-07-05, 12:38 pm

Prince Authur
(Bradley James)
A knight in shinning armour, literally. Authur James lives a life of luxerousy and falls deeply in love with
Morgana's handmaiden Guinevere.

(Colin Morgan)

A young pesant, turned away because of his secret gift, becomes the servant to Prince Authur.
His hidden gift is magic, the king has sought to destroy all sourcers from the kingdom unbeknown to him
that young Merlin Morgan holds the secret that will allow the pring to become the best king.

(Katie McGrath)

(Gwen in back ground)

An orphan ward to the king she had authurs eye to begin with until the arrival of her handmaiden Gwen
She never liked authur but had a keen eye on merlin

Guinevere "Gwen"
(Angel Coulby)

Gwens is morganas handmaiden and closest friend together they face the men (merlin and authur)
to show they are the mens equals.

Gwen, Morgana, Merlin and Authur
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(more peole are in horse bios wil fix later)
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