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 Delivery for a Ms. ...Clarie

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PostSubject: Delivery for a Ms. ...Clarie   2009-07-29, 8:31 pm

Delivery man: I drive up in my truck with the six foals that I'm delivering for a miss...Claire. I park the truck and meet a a young girl about 13. "I'm looking for a miss Claire, do you know where I might find her?"
Claire: "Oh yes, Claire is my mother" i lie "She's out in the fields fixing fences with my dad right now, but I can sign for her, i do it all the time."
Delivery man: I'm already late to pick up and drop off another delivery so I let her sign for it. She pays me the delivery fee and I unload the six foals into a round pen as she asks me to do. Then I leave.
Claire: I wave good bye and then put some hay and water in the pens for the foals. Then I go find dad to tell him about his surprise. "DAD, where are you?" I call.

The foals




Blondie (Stillshedding out)




D: I walk over and stick my head through the bars of the pen and whinny for my mommy.
I: I walk over to the hay and start to eat some of this food that i am just getting used to.
R: I lay down in the middle of the pen and take a nap.
B: I go lay down next to Ruby and sleep with her.
H and K: We engage in a game of "who is faster" and race each other around the pen as we avoid the fillies.

(Admin you can play a few if you want but I would like to keep Dunica and Blondie and maybe Kidd but I really like Dunica and Blondie)
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PostSubject: Re: Delivery for a Ms. ...Clarie   2009-09-01, 5:20 am

(cue admin and desmond.)
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Delivery for a Ms. ...Clarie
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