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 Tommy, kate and kates sister bella

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PostSubject: Tommy, kate and kates sister bella   2009-08-04, 11:24 am

Tommy Anderson

Kate Parker

Kate and Tommy

Bella Parker


Tommy is an ex hockey player turned ballet dancer, who likes to "romp the yard" more or less in his "spare" time.

Kate has been dancing since she was little trained by her mom then self trained after 12 after her parents died, she tapes ballet videos and mimics them, becoming a fantstic dancer she wasnot accecpted into to the ballet until she had proved her worth and she danced as cinderella in the glass slipper, a highly thought of dance.
PS: her and tommy are a thing.
(17 yrs)

Bella is a 13 year old who thinks the world of her sister, their parents died when she was 8 and she loves ballet as much as her sister
(13 yrs)

The hoss wasn't built to thread the Earth,
He took natural to the air,
And every time he went aloft,
He tried to leave me there.

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Tommy, kate and kates sister bella
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