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 Natalie P. Taylor

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PostSubject: Natalie P. Taylor   2009-08-13, 6:52 am

Natalie Paige Taylor
age 11
On December 24, 1997
little natalie paige taylor was born into this world, her innocent little life was placed into Mya Taylor's arms
and Natalie let out a cry, quietly.
Natalie was then taken home on the 24 of december, everyone would think that it would the beginning of something beautiful
a baby being born on christmas eve, the mother waking up christmas morning to give her baby a kiss.
the 25th became a marker for Natalie, the day she was considered a $$#$%!
all day of christmas natalie was called names and made fun of, it didnt matter how beautiful or innocent she was
her so called 'parents' treated her as if she was a dog.
2 years went by and natalies father passed away, natalie wasnt so innocent anymore
once her father died, natalies mother 'mya' denyed having a daughter, for no certain reason.
Natalie turn three on christmas eve, and once that bedroom door had been shut it was hardly ever opened

Mya began to give natalie one snack and then she would lock the door from the outside,
leaving 3 year old natalie in a room for a herself
years went on and this would be the routine.
at the age of 6
natalie was sent to school....her mother thought she should do a good thing
natalie would be dropped off at school maybe two hours early and would sit out in the cold.
natalie was so afraid to tell anyone, plus she didnt know that her life wasnt normal
her mother would pick her up ...sometimes.. 3 hours after school
sometimes natalie would have to walk home
time grew and so did little natalie
she learned to face world
her child fun, taken away
her innocents gone
when natalie was 9 she was trapped in a closet with only a cot and a stash of food that natalie had
for at least 1 month..
days her mother would leave

at the age 10 natalie was discovered, a new neighbor had been concerned.
and she had the right to be
natalie'smom was arrested
and natalie was taken to a adoption facility
she just turned 11
and is now availble for adoption

will anybody want this poor forgotten soul?

Be cool? NO just be you!
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Natalie P. Taylor
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