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 the people:

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Drovers Run:

Claire McLeod

Dog: rob
Claire was born and raised on Drovers Run. At 15 she left boarding school to live
and work on the property fulltime. She is an exceptional stockwoman who worked
side-by-side with her father until he died, leaving her as the capable manager
of Drovers Run. Claire wears her authority well – a sense of stillness and calm
at the centre of her constant activity. She never talks down to her workers,
instead acting like one of them. Yet she is amusingly out of her depth when it
comes to small talk and matters of the heart.When her half-sister Tess returns
to Drovers Run, the outside world and a whole new way of life is forced upon Claire.
Claire finds herself out of her depth as Tess reminds her that life is not just
about work, and that she is, in fact, a woman. Claire will see her life and sense
of self completely transformed by her exotic, fiery sister from the city.

Tess silverman McLeod

Tess is a vivacious firebrand ready to take on the world. She was born at
Drovers Run to Jack’s second wife Ruth and was the product of a passionate
but doomed relationship. Following Jack’s death Tess returns to Drovers Run
thinking she’ll sell her share and become wealthy, only to realise the property
is in debt.But Tess is endlessly resourceful and self–reliant and adapts to her
surroundings, realising she must work with her sister to free Drovers Run of
financial trouble.Tess is not someone who can be ignored. Everything is big,
loud and full on, with never a dull moment. Her optimism and “can do” philosophy
are infectious and she injects passion and energy into daily life at the property.
What Tess gets in return is what she has always been looking for and gone
without – a sense of belonging which forms a poignant counterpoint to the
strength and resilience she presents to the world.

Jodie Fountian

Jodi is an exuberant 17-year-old who has ambitions to be rich and famous.
She was born at Drovers Run, the daughter of Meg the housekeeper who moved to
the property with her husband, a stock hand, before he left her. Jodi and her
mum are very close, sharing a love of the land and the Sunday night TV movie.
When she became a teenager, Jack McLeod paid for Jodi to attend a girls’ boarding
school in the city – and her social life took off.Jodi can hold a tune, is not
afraid to perform, and has a pretty face. Well–meaning people told Meg that Jodi
should take music and drama lessons at school and unwittingly fuelled her dreams
of being famous. Having just completed her year 12 exams Jodi is trying to decide
what her life is meant to be. Her secret ambition is to be a personal stylist.
She sees it as the first steps to Hollywood and fame. Jodi thinks working on
Drovers Run will be a real drag but what she will learn is love, loyalty and a
lot about who she really is – even if she doesn’t become famous for a week or two.

Becky Howard

Strikingly and feisty Becky Howard has lived 19 hard years but has no idea how
strong she really is until she moves to Drovers Run. Becky comes from a difficult
family life and has a tarnished reputation in the local town. She behaves as
though she doesn’t care but deep down Becky idolises Claire McLeod and would love
to be like her. She yearns for the respect Claire gets from the men in the town.
When Becky gets into serious trouble Claire offers her the chance to come and live
at Drovers Run. No one has ever supported Becky before and she is overwhelmed by
the McLeod sisters’ unconditional generosity. Working on Drovers Run is a physical
and personal challenge for Becky but she quickly becomes a Jill of all trades and
discovers she has a flair for fixing machinery. Gradually, Becky develops into a
strong, loyal and truly free young woman – and love is the transforming force.

Meg Fountian (lives on drovers run)

Meg moved to Drovers Run with her ex–husband in 1977 to work as the housekeeper
and nanny following the death of Jack’s first wife. Her husband left when she
became pregnant with Jodi, but Meg had fallen in love with Drovers Run and
decided to stay. Jack’s death rocks Meg’s world to the foundations. She thinks
maybe it is a sign to move on, perhaps to where there are more opportunities for
Jodi. But things change when Tess and Claire decide to manage Drovers Run. The
spirit of adventure and a chance to stick it to certain members of the community
who say it can’t be done draws Meg. Meg has always served others, and now she can
be an equal member – and part of a team.Meg is the mother figure in the series.
She’s a warm-hearted person who embraces life no matter which way it turns because
she has a sense of duty and a strong work ethic.

Oscar: grey gelding

Buddy: brown gelding

Blaze: Pally mare

names needed:


The hoss wasn't built to thread the Earth,
He took natural to the air,
And every time he went aloft,
He tried to leave me there.

~*~ Authour Unknown ~*~
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the people:
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