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 Sarah & Regal

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PostSubject: Sarah & Regal   2009-09-06, 4:05 am

age 14
blonde hair
blue eyes
Sarah's parents died in a car accident, so Sarah was then handed over to her Aunt. Sarah's aunt was a good mother until she got a boyfriend, he was bad guy i guess you could say. He would drink and stay out all hours, so Sarah's aunt began to do the same.
Sarah was confident she was a somebody, a someone... that she could do many things with her life until her aunts boyfriend messed that up.
Sarah had just started school, coming home from her third day of school. his name was derek. he had been home when she arrived; that never happened, he was always out till 2 in the morning. sarahs aunt wasnt home, sarah didnt really see him as a threat or some one that would hurt her. Well she was wrong, he was a major threat. she layed her stuff on her bed and he appeared at her door, .......... soon he had raped her.
this went on for a week until the neighbor made a complaint of screaming next door, the police arrested derek and soon sarahs aunt was arrested for drinking and driving (and more).

age 6
brown w/ black mane and tail.

Regal's story is quite long, so ill try to shorten it.;

Regal and five other horses, were removed from their small ranch when their owner died from a heart attack. Four horses were taken to a rescue center because they were sick and needed a doctor.
Regal and a mare, were taken to an auction which was a bad idea because they were bought by people who didnt really care about them. The people just wanted to sell them again for more money, so regal and the mare stayed at their new 'home' for about a week, and during that week people came by looking over them and talking to their new "owner". Well, at the end of that week regals "owners" pulled up with a horse trailer. Leading regal into it first, then going back for the mare. The mare was scared and frightened by a dog that ran by her, she reared and fell backwards because she hit the trailer. The people then shot the mare to put her out of misery, after that regal traveled to many "homes".He was then rescued by a horse shelter.

How they met:

The orphanage where Sarah was located, wasn't far from where Regal had been taken (The horse rescue center). The orphanage thought it would be good for Sarah to volunteer at the rescue center.
After a while her and Regal were inseperable, now Sarah needs a true home.
She has been offered permanent homes before, but they werent looking to about Regal too so Sarah refused to go.

P.S. : Regal is tramatized, hes not like a regular horse. Sarah can help him... he needs her.

(Sarah and Regal have been inseperable for a year.

Sarah is now 14 and its been two years since the derek thing. )

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Sarah & Regal
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