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 Ally (alisha) Alic Ashton and Amber

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PostSubject: Ally (alisha) Alic Ashton and Amber   2009-03-02, 8:47 pm

Name: Ally
Age: 21
(likes to fight her brother mostly in fist fights but he almost never hits her back)

Name: Alic
Age: 21
(Ally's twin also Amber's exBF but now their friends w/ benifits hehe)

Name: Ashton
Age: 25
(amber's older brother who secretly likes Ally but is best buds with Alic so he would never do that to him)

Name: Amber
Age: 18
(the youngest of this group but she acts the oldest the way Ally and Alic punch fight some times)
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Ally (alisha) Alic Ashton and Amber
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