Horse country.........Country life that revolves around....HORSES.
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 more ppl..........

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PostSubject: more ppl..........   2009-05-04, 10:34 am

Riley 25 yrs old

Emma Roberts 18yrs

Juno Page, 16yrs

Lila 5 yrs

Annabelle 5 yrs

Emily 5 yrs

Blaine 5 yrs

Callum 5 yrs

Harrison 5 yrs

sherry is a rodeo queen, been there done that she ropes and ties and barrels and wrestles with the best of the cowboys!
She started at the age of 5 with her parents who've now been gone some a year and a half she carries on with her horses and two siblings who relie on her she is now 25yrs old

Brother: Erik 2yrs (raised by his oldest sister)

Sister: Anastassia 4 yrs
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more ppl..........
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